Magic Tour in Vicenza

The province of Vicenza is packed with history and rich of art and architecture treasures.
But in addition to the history of handbooks and chronicles, there's the hidden and mysterious
history of legends, witches, ogres and fairies.
We are referring to the fascinating tissue of what people say and tell, which is what continues
to give life to both the salons of the upperclass Vicenza and the meetings in the stables of humbler people to this day.
Considering this local tradition we wanted to offer the "Magic Tour", a guided tour to places which are interesting both for their artistic value and their nature views, following a map of stories which are still told by the people of Vicenza, and which are brought to life during events such as Hobbiton in Bassano, Natale di Fiaba (fairy tale Christmas) in Thiene, Hogazait - Cimbrian Festival in Roana, Venetian festival of animated fairy tales - Fiabe nelle cave (fairy tales in the quarries) in Rubbio...
New mysterious places are constantly discovered, such as "Le Priare" in Montecchio Maggiore, underground quarries which those who were condemned to death in the nearby castle of Juliet were allegedly thrown into.
We look forward to offering you a magical experience!