Countless opportunities to spend a pleasant day

All who stay in Hotel Castelli have the option of varying their holiday activities on a daily basis. For those wishing to travel as little as possible, here are some interesting ideas for things to do in the immediate vicinity of the Villa:
▪ the Berici Hills can provide a pleasant escape and an opportunity to enjoy a walk through nature, or to savour the local food and wine delicacies - such as Berici oil and truffles, Lumignano peas, cod cooked in the Vicenza style and cabernet wine - offered by the many traditional eateries in the area.

▪ for lovers of outdoor activities, we suggest the golf courses offered by the Vicenza club (in Creazzo) and the Berici Hills club (in Brendola). The Fimon Lake, a recently revamped tourist destination, provides the opportunity to try sailing or fishing. Various riding schools (in Brendola, Torri di Arcugnano, Longare, Ponte di Castegnero) can be reached for those interested in a horseback riding excursion.

▪the hill that overlooks Montecchio Maggiore is where the Castles of Juliet and Romeo, as they are popularly known, are located. The two neighbouring fortresses, which appear to be looking at one another, are said to have inspired Luigi da Porto to write the noted love story that was later recaptured and brought to international renown by William Shakespeare. Juliet's Castle currently hosts a famous restaurant, while Romeo's provides the location for various shows and cultural activities. A costumed historical reconstruction of the Montague and Capulet story is held each year on 1st May.