Ecomuseo First World War

The project for the preservation of the Historical Patrimony of the First World War on the Vicentine highlands.
The Vicentine Pre-Alps territory, in the extraordinary mountainous and piedmont scenery contained between the natural limits that enclose the Agno valley to the west and the Brenta valley to the east, as of today, is still strongly marked by the testimonies of one of the most tragic episodes of human history: the Great War.
This geographically homogenous environment was the only front to uninterruptedly suffer the fate of a belligerent state for the whole 41 months, becoming the theatre of some of the bloodiest battles fought during the conflict, culminating with the great "Spring Offensive" of May - June 1916, better known with the name of Strafexpedition, which probably represented the biggest mountain battle ever fought.

Battles which caused the death of thousands of soldiers, the territory devastation and the nearly total destruction of towns and quarters and within them, the displacement of refugees, forced to abandon their houses in search for comfort elsewhere.

The signs and evidences of that huge conflict are still visible today and overall represent a composite of structures and works that still manifest, even after ninety years, territory implications of an extraordinary evocative force.