A World Heritage site

Hotel Castelli is just 6km away from one of the most precious jewels of Italian architecture: the old town of Vicenza, which was declared a World Heritage site in 1994 and has since then been protected by UNESCO.
Along the two main roads of the pedestrian area (Corso Palladio and Corso Fogazzaro) loom a series of magnificent 16th and 17th century buildings that blend together to paint a truly unique setting. The most noted of these masterpieces were designed by the great architect Andrea Palladio: the Basilica and Loggia del Capitanio that spring up from the splendid Piazza dei Signori; the Teatro Olimpico (Olympic Theatre), with the wooden trompe-l'œil stage sets designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi to represent the seven streets of Thebes; Palazzo Chiericati, which also hosts the extensive civic picture gallery. Finally, Palazzo Leoni Montanari provides the location for an extraordinary permanent exhibition of Russian icons.
Among the religious buildings, the ancient Basilica of SS. Felice and Fortunato (dating back to the 10th century), the Medieval churches of Santa Corona and S. Lorenzo, and the 16th century Duomo (Cathedral) are undoubtedly worth visiting.
In close proximity are the must-see Palladian Villa Almerico Capra, known as 'La Rotonda', and the large balcony of Piazzale della Vittoria, located in front of the Mount Berico sanctuary, which provides a panoramic view of the old city.